This man was theological and yet possibly the most effective evangelistic pastor you’ve ever met. He was known so widely that his sermons were printed for mass distribution and he wrote so voluminously a written ministry which is still read nearly 200 years later. He once tested the acoustics of an “empty sanctuary” shouting “Behold the lamb of God who came to take away the sin of the world!” and a workman came to Christ. He founded dozens of ministries (66 the library bearing his name says). While self-educated himself, he founded a pastors college and mentored men for the ministry. He routinely preached “Saturday night specials” on Sunday (that one may not be the best to emulate). Stood virtually alone when his denomination went theologically south. Bore the guilt as a leader, a pastor that people lost their lives trampled to death when a fire broke out and people ran out of the massive church building he preached in. His church took “decision counseling “ about surrendering one’s life to Jesus as Lord and Savior and local church membership seriously. They weren’t in it for the numbers, but for souls. He called parents to disciple their children. He called the masses to surrender all to Christ. He was used marvelously by the Lord. He died at age 57. He ministered from his teens till that time. He struggled with depression/melancholy and was probably bipolar. The secret of his success in his own words? (Americans asked him that question when they visited London) – in answer he took them to the church basement where a few hundred were gathered in prayer. A church is not its pastor, it is either a prayer gathering like Acts…or a sleeping giant like the apostles in Gethsemane.

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