For those of you who have been following the blog for sometime, you likely know that gardening and homesteading projects are enjoyable hobbies of mine (and if you didn’t know that, know you do).

This year, a positive of the pandemic “at homeness” has been more time to grow and tend a larger garden. Throughout the year, I used up previous compost that had been made of the course of a few years, put down a healthy layer of locally sourced mulch, planted two trees and several small blackberry bushes which were harvest from a nearby relative’s property, created a wooden tee-pee trellis out of fallen branches and baling twine for the blackberry patch, harvest sod from my own yard to cover some areas needing to be seeded, growing a large variety of new plants (well, new to me), brewing my first come of mint tea from homegrown peppermint and spearamint, and the list goes on. Many projects can be done with some elbow greese and creativity.

I’m already thinking up some planning for next years garden! Enjoy the video update 🙂

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