Ryan prayerfully considers teaching and speaking requests in various contexts including podcasts, radio, churches, chapels, conferences, seminars, colleges, Christian schools, homeschool groups/co-ops, discipleship training, and outreach events. His ability to come often depends less on amount of compensation and more on the practicality of proximity.


28th Preaching at Sandy Baptist Church in Hillsboro, MO


3rd Preaching at First Baptist House Spring in House Springs, MO

10 Preaching at First Baptist House Springs in House Springs, MO

17 Preaching at Bloomsdale Baptist Church in Bloomsdale, MO

24 Preaching at Sandy Baptist Church in Hillsboro, MO

Some select topics that Ryan shares talks on include:

Discipleship – The Lost Key to a Healthy Church

Teaching through Titus, Philemon, or Colossians over a 1-2 day mini-conference format

A Different Approach to College: Accelerated Learning, Local Church Priority, Internships/Interview/Apprenticeships, and Entrepreneurship

Eternal Security and Repenting of Prejudice, Rejecting False Doctrine- A Testimony

How tos for Stewarding Writing and Publishing – how to’s and Scriptural wisdom for Christian writers and aspiring Authors

So you’re called to ministry – Is it the only thing you can do?

Why Creation Matters

Developing a Christian Worldview and Sharing Your Faith with People of Other Faiths

Encouragements for Homschoolers

You can request Ryan to speak at your event or church or teach a workshop or seminar or inquire of Ryan consulting with your church leadership about discipleship and biblical education by using the contact form below: