Ryan loves to hike, strategy games and learning. As a thinker and slight introvert with the heart of an apologist and expositor, much of Ryan’s writing has sought to build a case for Christianity for the unbeliever and encourage a faithful walk with God for the Believer.  He loves to use mass communication for the sake of the Gospel and the Church. #expository-apologetics #theology #BibleStudy #discipleship #Gen1toRev22

Ryan knew that his sin deserved Hell and as a young boy, asked the Lord Jesus Christ to forgive him. It was not until he was about 12 years old that he came to understand that the Lord called him to more than just forgiveness of his sin. Jesus came so that all who come to Him are not only forgiven but have a personal relationship with Him (John 17:3).

About the age of 15, the Lord called Ryan to ministry and began throwing open unsolicited opportunities to preach. Since that time, Ryan has served in various forms of ministry but has a particular heart for the local church and equipping Believers through teaching the Word of God.

Ryan has earned the Gold Medal of Achievement from Royal Rangers, a B.A. in Communications from Thomas Edison, and an M.A. in Theological Studies from Liberty University. He has also completed a doctoral course in Biblical Exposition from Liberty University in 2020.

Ryan has authored multiple books mostly focused on Bible study and Theology. Most have been self-published, while a few have been picked up by Ichthus Publications.

Near the end of 2020 and into 2021, Ryan’s ministry took a new honed focus in

Strengthening Churches through Teaching, Administrating Discipleship & Revitalization, and Equipping Pastors through Encouragement

Ryan often introduces himself when speaking as one who has lived in Jefferson County most of his life, served in a few churches in the area, pastored one, and since the end of 2020 has been given a new ministry serving in pulpit supply, interim roles and helping churches through administrating discipleship and revitalization.

Ryan’s prayer and desire is that his “life message” be Matthew 6:33, Colossians 1:27c-29, and Psalm 71:17-18.” He prefers the ‘title’ brother rather than teacher, since the New Testament teaches us that every believer is on equal ground at the foot of the cross.