Welcome to my website!

There are a lot of different things housed around the site which is why it may be better to refer to it as a hub. The primary way to get around are the navigation tabs at the top. For those who are visiting for the first time, here are some term clarifications

LLC – Marks Enterprises, LLC is my service-business as well as the parent entity of all my ministry endeavors

Blog – Thoughts: Devotions, Articles, Quotes, and more that I want to share with the world

FMM – Focusing on the Mark Ministries: a ministry I founded to help provide resources for evangelism and discipleship as well as encourage revival and devotion among the Believers

Gen1toRev22 – The Genesis 1 to Revelation 22 Project focuses on teaching and studying through Scripture verse by verse.

Marked People Podcast – a bimonthly podcast which I host (and you can subscribe and leave your honest 5 start review on your favorite podcast aggregator). The first episode of the month is more of a discussion on Christian living, theology, or a question and the second episode is teaching through a book of the Bible

Most of the other tabs are somewhat self-explanatory:

Free materials and recommended ministries are provided as a resource and help to others.

YouTube – is my YouTube channel which contains gardening videos, sermons, teaching videos and whatever else I put on YouTube or content I find and gather into a playlist

For example, a few playlists are: Genesis – verse by verse, a free Online Bible Institute of videos I’ve found that are helpful for those in ministry/seeking to understand the Bible more, and Worship (a growing collection of worship videos I’ve found enriching). There are many other playlists as well.

Itinerary – well that is exactly that. When I am going to be preaching or speaking somewhere (I try to remember) to update this page.

Books – are my books available for purchase.

Support – this tab lists creative ways that those who enjoy my content can support through my Amazon reading list to Patreon to other creative ways. You can find out more there.