I do not need you to continue to try setting me up, nor do I agree with the pressure of “I’m getting too old” and need to get married. I regard marriage too highly to rush into anything. In addition, my life is full and very busy with ministry and tent making as it is. Furthermore, already being in ministry, there is (albeit not national level), but there is “celebrity” culture of ministry in the church that adds a whole Nother layer of difficulty too truly meeting someone. In addition, my grandparents on both sides were pretty close to 30 before they ever married, and one pair of them still had five kids. Lastly, singleness may be an advantage in the days of persecution this generation will likely see if revival does not come to the United States. Ok, end of rant, but seriously, just because a Christian is single does not mean that something is wrong with them. For singles reading this, trust God and His timing. Simply follow His guidance. And get busy in what He’s called you to do with your life, like now, unless the Spirit impresses upon you to wait.

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