I recently had a thought, do paper plates/disposable dishware really save money? So I decided to calculate a bit. If a person were to use 3 paper plates per day would equal roughly 1100 paper plates per year and assuming roughly $5 per 100 plates would equal $50 – $60 per year. Now here’s the thing. If I assume that I spend 5 minutes washing dishes for every meal or 15 minutes a day. That comes out to 90 hours a year. Assuming some dishes like pots and plans would still need to be washed, using disposable plates could still save roughly 50-60 hours per year. Spending roughly $1 per hour to redeem that time seems worth it. I wander what else we could save massive time on? Feel free to add a comment

#minimalism #homesteading #timemanagement #stewardingchores #takingdominion

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