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While this is not a nonprofit organization, there are pathways through which the community we minister to can choose to support the ministry through creative patron partnerships and income streams. This page outlines how.


We have signed up for Amazon’s Affiliate program where, if we drive a certain amount of sales to them, they pay us a small commission. Order through our link and support us indirectly through your shopping Amazon Affiliate Link


You can now become a regular or one time Patreon to support more content to be produced in the future. Find us on Patreon here: Gen1toRev22


Sponsorship is not just an ad agreement or a donation, you can “sponsor” us in these ways as an audience:

Subscribe to our Marked People Podcast which is hosted through Anchor Podcast on your favorite podcast feed and you may hear some ads that Anchor pays us for. Subscribe here

Subscribe to our channel and watch our videos on YouTube. We don’t have enough subscribers to earn revenue from YouTube yet, but your subscription and views on YouTube directly (or their app via your tablet, mobile, or TV) help us reach having the option to in the future. Subscribe here


We are seeking partnerships with publishers to review their works in exchange for physical and/or digital copies of resources. You will receive an honest review on the blog in exchange.

We currently are a member of 2 review programs, which will be mentioned in articles if they have a book we choose to review.

Donate a Book

For those in ministry, perhaps their greatest ongoing financial investment is in books. Would you like to purchase a book on Ryan’s reading list? Reading List