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It takes a community, a team to do what the Lord calls us to.

Throughout history, there have been those the Lord calls to go and equip others in ministry, and those the Lord calls to support them through partnership in extending the Kingdom of Christ. While we are not a nonprofit organization, we are evaluating pathways through which the community we minister to can choose to support the ongoing cost of multiple ministry avenues through creative patron partnerships. More to come soon, Lord willing…


Coming soon, Lord willing, an opportunity for organizations and businesses to sponsor the Gen1toRev22 project, FMM, and more through a sponsorship agreement. For example, would you like to sponsor a podcast where your organization will be mentioned during a special segment on each episode?


Coming soon, Lord willing,…. an opportunity to partner with us to further the ministries of writing and teaching through FMM, Gen1toRev22, and more… Partners would have exclusive access as regular supporters in joining the prayer team, receiving ministry updates, and exclusive resource offers.


We are pursuing avenues of affiliation where by our community can support us as they shop online through retailers they already use…


We are seeking partnerships with publishers to review their works in exchange for physical and/or digital copies of pre-released resources. You will receive an honest review on the blog in exchange.

Donate a Book

For those in ministry, perhaps their greatest ongoing financial investment is in books. Would you like to purchase a book on our team’s reading list for them?

Ryan’s Research, Textbook, and Want to Read List

Let’s serve the Lord together.