My philosophy is rooted in the sufficiency of the Scriptures, looking to Scripture not hip methodology for the answers for church health. Church health matters more than church growth. In Acts, daily the Lord added those being saved when the church put Christ first in their congregation. Ironically, focusing on church growth can easily become an idol which replaces Christ on the throne of our hearts. Mission cannot replace our Master. The Bible often presupposes the long view of developing fruitfulness; not a quick fix, gimmick driven and fast food drive-thru Christian community.

Plant (Evangelism)

Romans 10:13

Progress (Grow)

2 Peter 3:18

Produce (Disciple)

John 15:5

Exalt . Edify . Equip . Encourage

Col 1:28 | 1 Cor 8-14 | Eph 4 | 2 Tim 2:2

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