Genesis 1 to Revelation 22 Project

Through audio-visual, written, and social media content we are helping everyday Christians get into their Bible verse-by-verse and experience transformation by abiding in Christ that they reproduce in others in obedience to the Great Commission….

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“Reading through the Scriptures and studying verse by verse with a heart seeking the Lord is the best guard against compromise, complacency, and capitulation in our walk this side of glory.”


The Genesis 1 to Revelation 22 Project often follows the simple SOAP method to equip you to delve into your Bible and share God’s Word with others.

S cripture – read the Bible

O bservation – observe the context

A pplication – apply to life and worldview

P ray – in line with the Word

Ryan, also has a focus on Expository-Apologetics when teaching Gen1toRev22. This means that there is an undergirding, prayerful motivation that as the message of the Bible is exposed and explained that there is an opportunity to answer questions, defend, and share the Christian Faith.


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