Mankind Created and Commissioned

Scripture Passage: Genesis 2:4-17 Observations on the Context: The central point of this passage is God's creation of humanity. We also see some details of the original creation that are quite different from the earth today. There was not rain (verse 6) a mist went watered the ground. This is likely because the water canopy … Continue reading Mankind Created and Commissioned

24 hr Days and Pangea

#Gen1toRev22 #Genesis1toRevelation22Project Scripture Passage: Genesis 1:3-10 Observations from the Context: God spoke for there to be light and immediately there was light! The light was a good thing and so God separated it from the dark. Light was called day and darkness was called night. Verse 4 is explicit after defining a day, to say … Continue reading 24 hr Days and Pangea

The 7th Day Special

Scripture Passage: Genesis 2:1-3 Observations on the Context: While there were not chapter and verse divisions in the original text of the Scriptures (we have added them so we can read along together in church), Chapter 1 ended with God pronouncing all of His creation very good. Now, that the Heavens (outer space) and the … Continue reading The 7th Day Special