24 hr Days and Pangea

#Gen1toRev22 #Genesis1toRevelation22Project Scripture Passage: Genesis 1:3-10 Observations from the Context: God spoke for there to be light and immediately there was light! The light was a good thing and so God separated it from the dark. Light was called day and darkness was called night. Verse 4 is explicit after defining a day, to say … Continue reading 24 hr Days and Pangea

The 7th Day Special

Scripture Passage: Genesis 2:1-3 Observations on the Context: While there were not chapter and verse divisions in the original text of the Scriptures (we have added them so we can read along together in church), Chapter 1 ended with God pronouncing all of His creation very good. Now, that the Heavens (outer space) and the … Continue reading The 7th Day Special