Contrary - What Jesus actually said

Some scholars say that Jesus never claimed to be God. Is there any evidence to support that? Read to find out.

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Hebrews book

In this 8 week study have your faith built, your understanding deepened and be enamored with Jesus Christ as you dig into the Epistle the Hebrews. This study features the complete ESV text of the book of Hebrews with emphasis of key phrases. Combining seminary-level depth with the simplicity of layman study, this study guide is one for study groups of all stages of spiritual maturity.

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1 Timothy book

Have you every tried to study Paul’s first letter to Timothy? In the second edition of Ryan’s book on 1 Timothy, the book has been redesigned and updated to be a 9 week Bible study to help your local church study this letter in depth. With daily readings, plenty of room for notes and helpful commentary on the passages this study will help you study your Bible.

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1 John book

The Apostle John’s first epistle has resulted in hope, comfort, confidence, and discernment for Christian believers since the first century. John’s helpful book covers a wide range of practical topics that remain just as applicable to Christians today as when it was first written nearly two millennia ago.

This companion guide to 1 John is presented in an 8-week format suitably designed for a Sunday school or small group setting to read together the words of Scripture and the book and discusses some thought-provoking questions about John’s material. Christians seeking to know more about this important epistle will be drawn to this work and a careful application of the text will be presented in a clear and concise way. For anyone who wants an introduction to the book of 1 John and for those seeking assurance that they are truly children of God, this is a must-have. It is a careful work for all who are seeking to follow Jesus.                   Get it on Amazon

Secure book

Do you struggle with believing that forgiveness from God is complete forgiveness? In eternal security, Ryan shares the nitty gritty of his story of having been a preacher who said that you could lose your salvation. But God’s Word, and God’s patience led Ryan to the truth. You too, can have confidence in what the Bible really says. Don’t trust people’s opinions or the preacher who makes you feel good. You need to know what God’s Word says and base what you believe solely on that. Many are well-meaning, but only God’s Word is perfect.

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Glories of Heaven minbook

Is Heaven really just an ethereal existence? Will people float around, sing some hymns and be like angels in the clouds? Ryan addresses these common questions succinctly and points to what the Bible really says about Heaven and it is anything but boring!

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Confession to Freedom

What did David, Paul, Peter, Abraham, and Noah have in common? They were not perfect. In our Christian lives, sometimes we expect ourselves to be perfect now that we have Jesus. We expect our feelings to be completely different. We expect all our problems; our sin struggles to go away. This is being written for me as much as it is for you. ….Sin; it’s why we need Jesus. After we’re saved and commit sin, the reality of this struggle is often the source of our greatest shame. Satan loves to hold sin over your head, constantly condemn you, and build a stronghold by exploiting your sin and telling you that you can never change. You try harder and harder to be better and the sin just grows bigger and bigger….Do you want God to cast something out of you, just to fix your sin struggle with anger, gossip, haughtiness, jealousy, worry? It doesn’t normally work that way. God can do a miracle, yes. But human nature, the flesh, the Bible says has to be crucified.                         Get in on Amazon

Leadership Devotional

So you’re just starting out in ministry…or perhaps you’re a seasoned veteran—either way you know that ministry is much more demanding than you initially thought. What you need is your heart to be stirred again by the gospel, by the Word of God, by the Spirit of the living God. In Pastoral Ministry, you will find devotionally-rich meditations and pithy exhortations designed to strengthen the hands of a minister at the plow and to foster encouragement in one’s daily struggles. May the Lord stir the fire in your heart once again as you continue running the race Christ has marked out for you. And in it all, may you focus on the mark—Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ (Matt. 6:33).

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Jesus apologetics

Many applaud Jesus Christ as a great teacher, even a prophet, but does it make sense to really believe that He claimed to be God? What do Jesus’ own statements reveal? Did He truly believe Himself divine and the only way to Heaven? In this booklet, Ryan Marks traces Jesus Christ’s own words about Himself to clearly show what the truth about how Jesus Christ viewed and taught about Himself.

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World Religions

Sharing your Christian Faith is important. One must depend on the Holy Spirit and be led by the Lord when sharing the Faith. Yet, one must also study to show thyself approved unto God, a workman that does not need to be ashamed but rightly divides the Word of Truth. Study is important, but not mere intellectual study. Understanding of another religion should further solidify one’s Biblical worldview. The arena of this world and our War against the world, the flesh, and the devil is largely a battle of ideas, worldviews, and beliefs. Those beliefs, ideas, and worldviews shape economies, political institutions, education, and even nations. Jesus Christ told His followers to go forth and disciple the nations. Are we preparing to go forth and do so? Are we preparing to teach others all that Christ has commanded us as He laid out in the Great Commission or are we only evangelism focused saying repent of your sin and receive Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord but not willing to walk alongside others for the long haul, teaching them the Word of God, bringing them up to maturity in Christ so that they will be fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ themselves who are able and ready to go forth and disciple others? May we evangelize as well as do our part to disciple the nations for Jesus Christ!

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HOPE FOR WHEN THE STORM HITS is about the realities of what is happening and coming in our country, America (the storm); and the hope that we can have despite it all. Talking with my Grandfather, who was born following the crash that began the Great Depression, I know that he is very concerned about my parents’ and my generation in the midst of the problems going on in our country.

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The Thoughts Devotional by Ryan Marks is a penetrating devotional series that will challenge and encourage you. Ryan began writing it when he was 14 and continued until he was 18. Then he published it in three volumes. The 3 individual volumes have been retired and a new, updated and revised single-volume for easy access and portability has been created. Enjoy!

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Sanctification is a clearly Biblical part of our salvation experience. Sadly, this is largely forgotten or ignored today. In this minibook, dive deep into Scripture and get the a Scriptural vision of what sanctification is.

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The Fear of the Lord is far too often misunderstood and belittled. In this book, Ryan walks through close to 100 Scriptures on the Fear of the Lord to paint a picture on what God says about Fearing Him. We pray this resource will be a blessing to you in understanding the doctrine of the Fear of the Lord in Scripture.

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