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Is compromise always bad? Well, no. And let me explain. I have for several years explained this principle as a pastor/interim/consultant to local churches by saying that if it was time to change the siding on the church and the church body was convinced that changing the siding to neon pink so that we were “that church” and “everybody knew” where we were and to come on in, I would certainly voice my disagreement… but if the church body still chose that, I would not leave them over such a decision. My resignation would not come in a fit of petty anger. It would be a compromise that I may not like but it is not a matter of Biblical importance. And if we really care about others, we are willing to talk things out and sometimes make a compromise that we may not completely prefer.

The same thing is true in marriage for those of you who are married or who will one day pursue marriage, let’s say the day comes to put new carpet in your house and let’s use the idea of plush Pink, carpet this time, again. I would certainly say I don’t think that’s the best idea, but do you break off a relationship or get angry in your marriage because you’re not agreed on that? No, you defer to and compromise for the other person if it is something that is very important to them. Your home is where your spouse is, not what the building you live at looks like. Most likely in both of these examples, if you approach things with the heart that I described you two will probably come to a different conclusion anyway, maybe you go with a neutral beige or brown….recognize what matters and what doesn’t as you wrestle with matters that are neutral. Stand on biblical truth, but have Grace on matters of preference. And in all things practice the love of Christ. The Gospel applies to everything. Not just one or two “Gospel issues” like our culture, and often Western churches, tell us today.

“Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good.”

Romans 12:21 NKJV

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