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Somehow there seems to be an idea in American Christianity (which is not necessarily biblical Christianity in many ways) that the Christian faith is not something to debate about/for. And as if debate is the supremely worst and intolerable sin to commit in our you do you culture. Whereas if we look in scripture we clearly see that there was a contending for the Faith and even Paul confronted Peter boldly to his face at one point. In the name of “Love” We many times excuse actually having conversations and opening up the Bible together… And many are afraid of confrontation. The true mark of a Christ honoring approach is not never being wrong (which none of us will ever attain) but rather being of teachable and humble enough to repent when the Lord’s Word shows your thinking/position/worldview to be wrong. That is why prostitutes and tax collectors were spoken of highly by Jesus when they turned to him by faith and left their life of sin, while religious folks justifying their own opinions but hardened and unrepentant to the truth heard His denunciation.

In addition, we find that the majority of Paul’s letters were exactly written for the purpose of confronting false practices within the churches. It is amazing how relevant and timeless the Bible is. It does not have to be made relevant. For example, most if not all of the modern excesses in the Pentecostal charismatic movement if churches in those veins would simply study first Corinthians 12 through 14 would find that Paul has already dealt with those exact issues and given the parameters on how to handle the questions that still arise today. Paul constantly was reminding us in inspired Scripture that right doctrine leads to holy living. However aesthetic living and loose living based on “grace” — neither of them can ever lead to holy living. Such things are anathema.

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