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It is not divisive or unloving for me to stand on biblical truth when you are compromising it in the name of the Lord. Graciousness is not equal to silence. Sure there is a time to be silent, but speaking biblical truth is not a lack of Grace. Lord humble us and show us where we err that we might repent

May we have a restored Fear of God and tremble before Him

One thought on “Divisive and Unloving?

  1. The most unloving thing Christians can do is fail to state biblical truth when the error is a salvation issue, such as not believing that Jesus is the only way to the Father. The consequence of unbelief is eternity in hell. It cannot matter to us what that person’s reaction is to that biblical truth. Love means we are obligated to sound the warning. Biblically, if we don’t, their blood is on our hands. They are free to ignore it, but we will at least have tried to point them to salvation. Only God knows if that truth may take root in a resistant mind and turn it back to Him someday.


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