In Creation, Adam was created to rule over creation and Eve created to help him. Together, they were to have dominion over God’s creation.

In the Fall, Adam passively allowed Satan to deceive, participated in the act, and then blamed her for it all. Eve was insecure. Adam was arrogant. The I got em both in trouble.

The results of the Fall:
Woman has had the temptation to displace the passive Adam (who though he failed is still called to a leadership role) in addition to multiplied pain in bearing childbirth. Nurture and helping will be more painful than in Eden.
Man, created for work, will now struggle with the very blessing he has been given. He will still have the responsibility of leadership. And as such has the temptation to shirk his responsibilities and earn the label of effeminacy since the Fall. Or to become a tyrant of cruelty.

The feminist movement of the last couple generations attempted to reverse the Fall and Creation order. Women wanted to be men. “Anything you can do I can do better.” The response: many men acquiesced and threw aside responsibility and the call to servant leadership. Today, that same battle occurs in many of our churches.

Today we are yielding the fruit of such thinking. Not just functional transgenderism (feminism) but Now I want to change my pronouns and permanently change myself and force you to participate in my delusion.

Do we see how the Gospel is the root issue? Men and Women have complementary roles rooted in creation and beauty from the very beginning Satan has attacked God’s beauty and sought to marr it into something distorted, ugly and broken. Only returning to God’s call and His atoning sacrifice in His Son can “start us anew.” And only Gospel grace can sustain us in the pursuit of Love and Respect of one another. God’s design is not for men and women to fight one another but to complement one another.

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