“Who lied to you and said this would be easy? What pastor substituted holy fire of the gospel for warm milk to lull you to sleep? Don’t you realize that God is calling you out of apathy into authority? Do you not understand that the God of Glory is suppose to reside in you? Most people think that Jesus moves in to build a play fort in our hearts but in all reality the Spirit moves in to build a mighty temple. He, who dwells inside of us is a mighty roaring lion, waiting for us to die to ourselves, yield our lives to him, so He can actually bless us with our destiny. Far too many of us are put to sleep with pathetic, idle, preaching that never challenges, exhorts, and ignites our soul for the work of evangelism. We heap up for ourselves speakers to itch ears (2 tim 4:3) because it’s more convenient. We think that our comfort is equal to God’s grace when in all reality this thing isn’t comfortable. This walk requires anguish, constant searching of the heart, and continual dissatisfaction with the state of planet earth. You aren’t comfortable because your in God’s will, your comfortable because your in your own will: living carnally and selfishly. Suppose for a moment that God’s will truly is that none should perish, yet we as the church allow many to perish every day. Is this God’s will? Definitely not! But while Paul himself says he is made as the filth of the world (meaning completely despised by all(1 cor. 4:13)) we can’t lift a single finger because it might give us a sideways glance. When will we wake up and live for God rather than ourselves? #awakening #Godisgood #anguish.” —Caleb Marr

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