From Obadiah McAdoo on social media:

The early church, by majority, taught creation happened in six literal days. Basil the Great:

“Scripture means the space of a day and a night. Why does Scripture say ‘one day’ and not ‘the first day’? Before speaking to us of the second, the third, and the fourth days, would it not have been more natural to call that one ‘the first’ that began the series? But if it says ‘one day,’ it is due to a wish to determine the measure of day and night and to combine the time that they contain. Now twenty-four hours fill up the space of one day—we mean, of a day and a night. It is as though it said: twenty-four hours measure the space of a day, or that, in reality a day is the time that the heavens starting from one point take to return there.

~Basil the Great

An additional helpful resource on this

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