So the Lord changes plans

I appreciate prayer partners.

Today marks my attempted 3 week sign off from social media (will see how I do at that) and “disconnecting” to focus on some spiritual retreat and a writing sabbatical. Will be also attending church on Sundays during this time to be fed while I’m out of the pulpit. Prayer partners, your prayer is a vital partnership in this spiritual refreshing time for me.

My prayer list:

> Pray for clarity/stress detox and refreshing in the Lord’s presence and His creation.

> Pray for my church family at Lebanon who will be served by a interim preacher during those 3 weeks. And that our momentum will continue forward when I return.

> Pray for the following list of writing projects, many are half-done currently:

Repurposing/scheduling of old writing content/blogs

Devotional Thoughts (my first book) edit and re-release

1 and 2 Corinthians study guide curriculum for churches largely based on a year of preaching and studying the books

Revitalization from Within book for churches/pastors

I usually write books in intensive 2-5 day undistracted/disconnected writing blocks. Please pray for me to balance rest with calling. Goal is to wrap up some writing goals I’m behind on by age 30. But, the Lord, has re-ordered my life and vocation so that writing should have a bit of devoted time each week moving forward and not so many intensive bursts.

After sabbatical (mid Jan 2023 thoughts)

Sabbatical’s work opened up a whole nother direction: outlining the plan for the 7 year Gen1toRev22 podcast relaunch though every verse. I did not get the writing goals going that I wanted to. To be honest, even in phase two of partial sabbatical (which is spanning 3 months for me) I have yet to make much progress. I have been learning that its not just about work that I have on my to do list. It’s about changing my way of life, living a yoked life rather than a burdened life in my work (see Matthew 11:28-30). Maybe you are thinking of a sabbatical. I know its still soon for me, but I would say: sabbatical won’t change everything overnight but it will likely help you clarify needed change in your life. Find wise counsel to assist you in the process, I wouldn’t encourage just taking time off as an extended vacation. If you’re to the point of burnout/overwhelm and therefore considering sabbatical, there are likely deeper things, some roots to deal with between you and the Lord. What has led to this moment? That’s the most important question entering a sabbatical. Yes, enjoy rest, good meals, nature, a true retreat but don’t avoid the hard moments that will yield abundant life later down the road.

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