The following is a list I compiled a long time ago. Pray its helpful for someone.


4:1-11 promise to be led by the Spirit & conquer Satan’s temptations with the Word

4:17 Repent, the Kingdom of Heaven is at Hand

4:19—Follow Me

5:18 the Law won’t pass away yet (it exists as a schoolmaster, as standard to show us our sin and bring us to Christ, although we do not abide by rituals any longer)

5:20 have true righteousness

5:22 malicious anger and/or hate = murder

5:24 be reconciled

5:28 lustful look = sexual sin

5:32 only divorce grounds is adultery

5:34 don’t swear—yes means yes and no means no

5:39 love your enemy, endure evil w/love

6:4 give in secret

6:6 pray in secret

6:9-13 an example of how to pray

6:15 forgive or you won’t be forgiven

6:17-18 fast secretly (don’t let others know, look normal)

6:20 lay up heavenly treasures b/c your heart is where you treasure is

6:22-23 guard your eyes

6:24 you can’t serve Me and money (or anything else that’s your idol)

6:25,33-34 don’t worry about tomorrow, I will provide for your needs

7:1-5 judge not like Pharisees (this doesn’t mean don’t have discernment, test the spirits & judge fruit/life correctly not judgmentally)

7:6 don’t give the holy to the dogs

7:7-11 ask in prayer

7:13 the straight & narrow way

7:15 beware of false prophets

7:16 you’ll know false prophets by their fruits

7:21-22 exhortation to know Me and do what I say

7:24-27 do, apply, live the sayings of Christ (build your life on the Rock)

9:13 go & learn this

9:15-17 wineskins

9:38 pray & ask God to send laborers

10:5-6 commanding the disciples

10:7 preach the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand

10:8 heal sick….

10:9-10 don’t take provision

10:11-13 stay at a worthy home

10:14 shake the dust off as a sign against the city who won’t receive

10:16 be wise as serpants and harmless as doves

10:17-18,20-25 expect persecution

10:19-20 don’t worry (consider) about what to say

10:26 fear not

10:27 what you hear in the secret place, preach it in the light

10:28 Fear God

10:29-31 don’t worry—God will take care of you

10:34-39 Jesus didn’t come for world peace…deny yourself

10:42 give unto little ones = giving to Christ

11:1 teach & preach in their city

11:28-30 come

12:25-32 blasphemy against Jesus & against the Spirit

12:36-37 you will give an account of every idle word

13:42-44,49-50 who hath ears let him hear—Heaven & Hell

12:57 a prophet w/o honor

14:27 be of good cheer and be not afraid

15:1-9 don’t add traditions

15:10-11,15-21 true defilement (it’s in the heart)

15:13-14 God plants and blind leaders

16:6 beware of leaven

16:24-28 deny yourself

17:7 don’t be afraid, arise

17:9 tell not one until

18:10,3,19:14 despise not a little one

18:35 forgive

19:9 divorce only has one grounds

19:11-12 celibacy isn’t for all

20:25-28 to be great, serve

22:37-38,40 shalt love the Lord

22:39-40 golden rule

24:4 take head that no man deceive you

25:13 watch—you don’t know when Jesus is coming back

26:11 there will always be the poor, but not the Lord bodily

26:25-29 communion

26:31-32 after I rise, I’ll meet you in Galilee

26:36,39-41,45-46 sit and pray

27:28 My blood

28:10 go to Galilee

28:19-20 teach all that I’ve commanded you, baptize in the name of the trinity, go forth with the Gospel


1:15 repent

1:17 fishers of men

2:14 follow Me

3:23-29 blasphemy of the Holy Spirit

4:23 to hear—have a right heart

4:39 peace, be still

5:19 go home & preach

5:36 be not afraid, only believe

6:4 prophet w/o honor

6:10-11 shake off the dust as a testimony

6:31 come apart to a deserted place & rest

6:37 give them food

7:15 defile a man

7:20-23 watch the heart

7:27 let children eat 1st

8:15 beware of leaven

8:34-38 take up your cross

9:23 believe God

9:35, 10:42-45 the truly greatest is a servant

9:41 give

9:42 don’t offend little ones

9:43-50 salt & self-denial

10:11-12 divorce

10:14-15 receive children

10:21 He deals w/your heart

10:23-25,27 it’s hard for the rich to enter the Kingdom

10:29-31 blessing for following and sacrificing to follow God

11:22-26 have faith & forgive

12:17 give Caesar his portion

12:29-30 greatest commandment

12:31 second greatest commandment

12:38-40 beware of the “scribes”

13:5-37 take heed, watch—be ready

14:7 the poor will always be w/ you

14:1-9 her story will be preached everywhere

14:22-25 communion

14:32,38 sit & pray

16:15-20 preach the Gospel, signs will follow,


4:24 prophet rejected

5:10 fishers of men

5:27 follow me

6:5 Jesus is Lord of the Sabbath

6:20-28 Be attitudes

List out eachone

Pray for enemies

6:29-36 do good to the evil man

6:37-38 give

6:40 a disciple isn’t above his master

6:43-49 true Christians build on the Rock

7:22 Go & tell of the signs of Christ

7:47 forgiveness (if you are forgiven little, then you love little, but if forgivne much, you’ll love much)

8 Sow the seed (Word)

9:3-5 minister

9:13 feed them

9:23-27 take up your cross

9:48,50 receive a child, receive Me

9:59 follow me—turned down in following Jesus

9:62 don’t look back

10:2 pray God would send laborers

10:3-16 go among wolves

10:17,19-70 power to share the Gospel

10:23-24 blessed you are to know these things

10:30-37 Go & do likewise

10:42 one thing is needful (most important part of life—Matt 6:33)

11:2-4 an example of prayer

11:5-13 persistence and asking for Holy Spirit in prayer

11:17-26 a kingdom divided against itself won’t stand

11:28 blessed are ye that hear and keep My words

11:29-32 sign of Jonah

11:33-36 make sure the light in you isn’t darkness

11:39-52 woe unto Pharisee

12:1-3 beware of leaven

12:4-5 be not afraid of them who kill the body

12:6-12 don’t be afraid or ashamed, the Holy Spirit gives words, Fear God

12:15 beware of covetousness (a greedy heart)

12:22-32 God will provide for your needs—don’t worry

12:33-34 give; store up true treasure

12:35-40,42-59 active while waiting, forgiving

13:3 repent or perish

13:24-30 strive to ender the narrow gate

14:8-11 humble yourself and then be exalted

14:16-24 those men (type, symbol) won’t taste

14:26-35 forsake, take up cross

15:1-10 God rejoices over one sinner who’s repented!

16:1-13 serve God, be faithful in little

16:17 easer for heaven to pass away than one title of the Law

16:18 divorce

17:1-4 offense

17:6 a little faith

17:20-37 warnings for the last days

18:1-8 God will hear the prayers of His people

18:10-14 humble yourself, be exalted

18:16-17 forbid not the children

18:24-25,27 hard for the rich

18:24-25,27 it’s hard for the rich to enter the Kingdom

18:13 occupy till I come

18:26 given to him who has

20:25 Caesars portion

20:46-47 beware of scribes

21:3-4 the widow’s great gift

21:8-36 many will come in my name deceiving

22:19 communion

22:40 pray that you won’t enter into temptation


1:43 follow me

3:3,5-21 unless you’re born again…

4:10,13-14 the worker deserves his wages

5:39-41 life IN Christ

6:27,33,35-63 labor for lasting meat

6:28-29 this is the work of God

7:15-17 know Christ’s doctrine

7:24 judge with a righteous judgment

7:37-38 flow of living water

8:12 I am the Light of the world

8:31 if ye continue…

8:32 know the truth

8:33-59 free

9:39 for judgment I am come

10:1 wolf

10:2-18,24-39 My sheep will follow My voice

12:8 you will always have the poor with you

12:25-26 follow me and take up your cross

12:44-50 I judge not of Myself

13:8 If I wash thee not, ye have not part in Me

13:15-16,20 no servant is greater than his master

14:1 let not your heart be troubled

14:3 I will come again

14:6 I am the Way

14:10 ye shall do even greater things

14:13-14 ask in My name

14:15 if ye love Me, keep My commands

14:14-18 I will not leave you comfortless

19:11 there is no power againstMme

20:17 touch Me

20:21 peace

20:23 receive the Holy Spirit

21:12 come & dine

21:19 follow me


2:4-8 wait for the Promise of the Father, be Baptized by the Holy Spirit and receive power to witness


2:1-7 Ephesus….left first love, repent or be removed

2:8-11 Smyrna…fear not, devil shall cast some of you in prison, you’ll be tested

2:12-17 Pergamous…. Some hold to doctrine of Balaam, some hold to the doctrine of Nicolaians, repent or be fought against

2:18-29 Thyatira….allow Jezebel, hold fast till I come

3:1-6 Sardis….be watchful, strengthen whoat remains, works not perfect, repent for I come as a thief. A remnant haven’t defiled themselves

3:7-13 Philadelphia….kept my word of patience—will strengthen you in your temptation, hold fast for I come quickly, I will give you a new name

3:14-22 Laodiceans….you’re lukewarm and I’ll spew thee out. You say I’m rich, knowing not that you’re wretched, miserable, poor, blind, and naked. I counsel thee…Repent!

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