Tidbit from my Bible time:

In the Bible times in Israel everything revolved around 7s. 6 days o work, one day of rest; debts only lasted 7yrs then canceled. Israelites had a calendar of worship, feasting, fellowship and rest. And 3s: the Lord, your household, your community. The rules and laws may confuse us at first glance but diving deeper into the principles they instilled in lifestyle and pace of life are astoundingly precise.

Even the 3 tithes (yes there was more than one) in the Old Testament taught principles in their society of worship, rest and generosity

1. The Levitical, or “normal” tithe (Num. 18: 21, 24). I.e For the church/worship, first fruits to the Lord’s work

2. The tithe of the feasts (Deut. 14:22-27). For holiday, fellowship, worship and feasting.

3. The tithe for the poor (Deut. 14:28, 29). For community Food bank/refugee/immigrants in need love and care.

Reflecting on how different life would be if we planned and lived intentionally for worship, fellowship, being and generosity….

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