> the situation the people had gotten themselves into was one of oppression and bondage to debt, financial woe and sacrificing freedom

> elites took advantage of the situation and unjustly stole property and assets of the people

> sons and daughters were enslaved by the decisions of the generation before them

> Nehemiah called a business meeting and exposed the crooks, calling them under God to restore the people and do what was right

> power players who had taken advantage did what was right; humbled themselves

> the congregation ended the business meeting with a united amen and praising the Lord and went forth and did what they promised

> for 12 years Nehemiah served as Governor at his own expense!

> Nehemiah learned and addressed the past that affected those he served. Their previous leaders had domineered and taken, thus in the fear of God Nehemiah gave

> he did not even take a food allowance b/c it would have been an inordinate burden on the people he served.

#Gen1toRev22 #revitalization

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