When I pastored my first church as a bivocational Pastor, I found that I needed to step back from much online ministry in order to focus on the task and responsibilities in the local church (picking it up again during the pandemic). For about the last year as I have been serving as a consultant and itinerating, there’s been a lot more online ministry again. However, I have recently accepted an interim pastor role with a congregation and so during the season of serving them and working bivocationally (in a service business and continuing to consult/conduct workshops with churches and speak at events if the Lord continues opening the doors), I’ve realized I need to step back once again from as much online ministry. If you would take a few minutes you can hear me share on this in the last episodes of the podcasts for the time being.

Ryan shares how ministry and life right now has led to needing to take a break from the podcast to focus on ministry and work in this season. But just because the podcast is taking a break doesn’t mean that you can’t keep going on in the Gen1toRev22 project on your own. Appreciate prayers and hope we can do this again soon

Ryan shares the final episode for the time being on the Marked People Podcast.

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