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  • Check out the updated website at There are free resources available with, Lord willing, more on the way b/f the end of there year. So add the blog to your Feedly or website favorites and check in for more content.
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– whole congregation weeping, complaining against leadership, despairing of their lives

– a motion made to vote a leader & return to Egypt (which is a type of the world, compromise, and bondage in sin)

– Moses & Aaron fall on their faces

– Joshua & Caleb, spies, tear their clothes in grieving and admonish the people 1) not to rebel, 2) not to fear, and 3) to remember the Lord is with them: obey. But the congregation proposes stoning them.

– The Lord’s glory appears in the Tabernacle to all


– will of the majority is often wrong

– the people enter a business meeting (let’s put our heads together), rather than a prayer meeting like in Acts

– most weep in despair, 4 it seems weep in grief for the waywardness of God’s people

– God’s sheep are persecuted by the goats

– Beholding the Lord silences all parties


This passage deals with God’s people’s rebellion, fear, and compromise. Pray for God’s people – your local church and local churches you know of. Truly pray for congregations to behold the Lord and obediently be a prayer meeting church.

this podcast is brought to you by Focusing on the Mark Ministries, Live a Matthew 6:33 Live until He comes

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