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Apps and hacks for the tech side of ministry:

Breeze Church Management system free Livebar feature for your website livestream

Voice Recorder Pro – free version to easily export your audio of your sermons from your cell/tablet to YouTube channel and many other places

Pixabay- free stock images for your church media

Mematic – free version to make sermon “memes”/series visuals

Anchor – free podcasting app (Spotify creator) which does the legwork for you of distributing to the various podcasting aggregators. Plus, full of free tools/studio in the app.

Buffer – social media tool, free version. Specify time and day you want social media to go out. Then, just use on your phone, tablet or device, click and share instantly or que to the buffer for your premade publishing times. Free version limits to 10 in buffer que I think.

Feedly – follow and save all your favorite blogs in one place (plus with basically a click, share an article with your church social media)

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