Observations on the Context:

I. Miriam and Aaron draw the Ethnic card and the Control card

II. The Lord: you three, come here

III. Honor Authority, I (the Lord) have Established

IV. Miriam – leprous & Aaron acknowledge their join foolishness and sin

V. Moses intercedes

VI. “Process” of healing and restoration

VII. Moving on

Applications of the Text:

– As Moses grew in fear of the Lord, his humility, he grew bolder.

– Do we pray for those who have wronged us: for their restoration, healing and blessing in the Lord?

-Proper shame/ashamedness (not ongoing guilt/condemnation) has a purpose and blessing

-We can move on, repentant and restored, with the Lord

Prayer: pray the passage and how the Holy Spirit has convicted you back to the Lord. Ask Him to do in You what His Word teaches.

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