I. Lord-directed: Gather 70 men who are elders

II. Spreading of the Spirit (He empowers and equips)

III.The Lord gave the people the meat they wanted for a whole month (Illustration: Parent saying ok, and giving their child pancakes for a month until they are sick of them)

IV. Moses: How will you do this, Lord? Do you expect me to do it?

V. Lord responds basically: Can I not do it? You shall see

VI. Sign of the Spirit’s coming here—they prophesied

VII. Eldad and Medad

VIII. Verse 29

VIV. Quail & Plague


– The spreading of the Spirit – a rarity in the OT, but the privilege of every NT Believer. The Holy Spirit indwells every Believer. Likewise, every Believer is to desire the gift of prophecy to boldly proclaim the Gospel.

– Moses complained directly to the Lord. The burden impacted him. The people, without the Spirit, were only able to complain to Moses their mediator. Because of the Blood of Jesus, every Believer can go to the Lord directly.

– Complaining leads to craving (lust) which in turn leads to compromise. The Desire for Egypt was regarded as better than freedom in the Lord. Rather than receiving His daily provision (and we as Believers pray for our daily bread, Matt 6), they wanted a slave’s ration.

– The sin unto death as a result of the quail plague was meant to be a lesson for the whole nation. They were meant to learn from this and teach their children and grandchildren.


Thank You that we are not alone and even when we don’t understand, You Provide. Lord, how often have we behaved just like the Israelites whom you justly struck dead. Father, complaining is a serious sin, much more serious than we are prone to treat it. Forgive us, Father, fill us with Your Spirit & Guard the affections of our heart.

Refs. Acts, Ezekiel, Jeremiah, Hebrews, Galatians 5, Romans 8, 1 Corinthians 12-14

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