We do wrong as humans, we rebel against what is right, we are selfish. This what sin is – we are all tainted by it. A holy God cannot stand sin – imperfection- in His Presence. But while God is perfectly just, He is also perfect love. And so God, who alone is perfect, took on flesh, became a man and gave His life as a sacrifice so that the perfection of Himself could atone for our sin, so that we could be washed white and clean. So that we can enter His Presence and be reunited in relationship with one another if we go through the one way God made atonement: through faith that Jesus Christ is the Way

Adam and Eve and every character throughout the Bible are imperfect sinners in need of a new life. God reaches out to them all through His Son Jesus Christ and offers them the choice to come to Him and be born again, forgiven, and accepted. The story of the entire Bible is God loving and redeeming broken people who come to Him in humility and God, grieving, giving the proud who mock His gift what they want – eternity separated from Him in Hell, eternally suffering the consequences of their sins apart from Jesus.

How would you summarize the Gospel story of the Bible?

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