“But I have trusted in Your mercy; my heart shall rejoice in Your salvation.”         

Psalm 13:5 NKJV

        Have you trusted in the Lord’s mercy? All believers must. It is by His merciful loving grace that we can believe in Jesus Christ, accept His sacrifice, receive forgiveness for our sins and possess eternal life. Jesus Christ is the Lord’s gift of mercy. Jesus gave it all so that you and I might live! Isn’t that mercy, isn’t that love, isn’t that compassion, isn’t that grace, isn’t that caring and kindness?

         Because I have received the mercy of the Lord by trusting in Christ, I will rejoice in His salvation! My God, Creator-King, has humbled Himself to the point of taking on the form of a human! He stepped out of heaven’s eternity to step into earth’s humanity and live a life of 33 years in which He would minister for only three and would then pay the ultimate price for us: death on the cross! At that cross Immanuel’s veins did not run dry and run out of covering for you or me—instead, His blood covered and covers all wrongs that we simply ask and believe Him to cover. Jesus! Jesus!! Jesus!!! O Lord, You gave it all for me, so that I might live, so that I could spend eternity with You. You paid the price: the debt that I could not pay! You freed me from death and have given me life and that to the full! O Lord, how compassionate and gracious You are. Without Your mercy, none would ever enter Your Holy Kingdom, for we could never live up to Your righteous law, Your perfect standards. Even now, as a follower of You, I sin; yet Your blood graciously covers it. And Your Spirit gently convicts me of my wrong. O Lord, thank You for the Holy Spirit—the Spirit of Christ!—who communes with me and indwells me. O Lord, thank You for making a way that I can be with You and can be forgiven of my wrong so that I can enter Your presence boldly, confidently and lovingly as I desire. O thank You Lord, my salvation!

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