Thursday, January 26, 2012

Are you captive to something (stronghold, chain) or are you captivated (in l-o-v-e) with Jesus Christ? The answer to that question will reveal the state of your life. At any given time a Christian is either walking around in defeat in submission to the enemy or he (or she) is walking around in the authority of Jesus Christ rejoicing in his (or her) sufferings and or blessings.

Asking myself that question probes pretty deep, what about you?

Now the way that you apply being captivated with Jesus is to follow what God tells you, as you are prompted. Listen and do what HE says! Get into God’s Book on a regular basis and just talk to Him about anything and everything: doubts, hesitations, fears, pride, whatever. God is big enough to handle anything you tell Him and He is listening and HE wants to be the biggest priority in your life. The final question to becoming Captivated with Christ is this: Are you willing to listen to God?

….Would everyone please bow their heads and close their eyes.

Read Scriptures in Romans 10:9-13 and offer salvation—Christ will accept you now, just the way you are if you will accept Him and then He will do the thing that we so often are trying to do to ourselves: He will transform us into someone else, someone better and more like Him. All we have to do is accept Him and let Him have the control. . . .will you accept Him as your Savior, as Your lover, as the one that captivates you with His awesomeness, gentleness, love and truth? I pray and hope that you will.

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