First blogged Wednesday, January 4, 2012 on my original blog: Focusing on the Mark

Take Courage, Men. God is real, God is true and Jesus truly loves you. Take a stand and be a man. Trust in Him & stand true.

For those who stand till the end will be saved. Broad is the path and wide is the gate that leads to destruction and narrow the path and gate that leads to life. Few find that way to life. . . .

Hard is the fight and strong and numerous are our enemies, but the weapons of our warfare are Divine—strong enough to demolish strongholds and stand against every demonic power. So stand as a warrior. Take Courage, men. Take courage, men. Take courage, men.

He is the Lord, He is our strength, and in Him we must remain; for we cannot survive cut off from that vine.

We will fight in JESUS Name! Shout HALLELUJAH! & let the joy of the Lord be your strength! Let a passion and a zeal for God and a love for all drive you on! Be relentless, be uncompromising—take your stand! Stir up the gift, don’t let it go dormant; don’t lose your saltiness! Instead march forward fighting with prayer and taking a STAND. Rightly divide the Word of Truth—know your weapons well. Pray & be humble, repent for yourself, for the Church, and for your nation; love like God and take your stand!

You cannot be passive, lazy or passé—now is the time to stand up and remain! Our churches are filled with false teachers, denominations, and false doctrines of men. Somewhere there are those who say what your itching ears want to hear, but they are liars, not rightly dividing the Word of Truth. Listen to this truth: stand! God will make you mighty; the Holy Spirit your guide. Just ask Him to teach your hands to make war & watch Jesus shine! Our Lord is astounding, faithful & true. He loves extravagantly and judges Justly too. One day we will stand before Him and be judged by all our words and deeds and our eternal residence will be judged by the presence or absence of Jesus blood; but hear this, O Church, & see: the Church is being judged now, our testing first will be. If it is hard for a righteous man to be saved, how much worse the judgment of the wicked! We have God’s grace: all we deserve is death; yet He offers us life. Take courage, men. Take courage, men. Take courage, men. Don’t take His grace in vain. Amen! Stand and do. Don’t love the world or you’ll be an enemy of God. Stand till the end, so that He can say well done good and faithful servant.

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