You are a son or daughter: you are a child of the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords.

By this you will know that you love Me—if you keep My commands and peace will be the assurance of your salvation. So examine yourselves to see where you stand with God; don’t be fooled by men. Examine yourself and see if you are in the faith & truly believe. If you are and do, you are a child of the King! Take courage that He is with you. Rejoice that you share in His sufferings! Live for Him, and not for men. Stand true, remain; love & fear the King.

Let the peace of God guard your hearts and be an umpire. Lay your burdens down and take upon you the yoke of Jesus, for it is easy & His burden is light. He will fill you up with His light. Just remain in Him and in His arms and you’ll be brighter, child, yes; you’ll shine!

You are a city on a Hill & the Lord is your strength—stand with your brothers, reflecting His light. Stand up amidst the fight. God has called & will give you the strength to stand—so run to Him for you are a son or a daughter.

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