As a young man I used to write “lyrics” to songs I thought of. This is one from nearly a decade ago, maybe even longer….

America—You Cannot Save Yourself

America, you cannot save yourself. Your TV shows, your toys and your knowledge cannot save you from destruction. Your possessions only give you a momentary hype when you first see them; and after that your “love” for them fades. Your large pocketbook isn’t the answer, nor your gambles with debt. Prizes and sweepstakes will not save you: there is but one answer. There is but one person who can save you and there are two things you must have to receive His aid and transforming power—His name is Jesus and you must possess repentance and humility—if you come to Him—crying out for mercy and forgiveness He will not refuse you. However, as you trust Him, follow Him, serve Him, and love Him you will be tested with persecution—Satan will try to destroy you and make you leave the Truth. You; however, must stand firm in Christ. As Satan’s instruments of radical Islam, communism, socialism, feminism, environmentalism, and human rights attack and seek your fortune, honor, and very life you must stand strong, you must endure, you must rejoice because of your steadfastness, because your names are written in Heaven’s Book. Turn to God, His eternal plan is the only way you’ll escape your present miseries.

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