Of the few that came to Jesus, only a few saw the narrow way. Others saw Him as a means of power or selfish display. Only a few of those that came, saw Him for who He was: the Messiah & the King—Lord of all! When Jesus died, even fewer saw the narrow way, for the cross is the way of self-denial and suffering, not glory and splendor. But the few that saw changed the world. Others, blind like Judas, ran away from the faith & took the broad and easy road that led to their eternal dismay (destruction).

Even today, there are few who see You, Jesus, for what You are and stay on the narrow road. Of those that start down the narrow road are multitudes of ignorant hypocrites and scribes: they know the Word, but do not understand and live, and thus when they get to the narrow gate of the cross, they cannot pass through because of the plank stemming from their eye.

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