The NT never gives us the recipe of what “has to happen” before He returns. That was rebuked in Acts and the Apostles believed He’d return in their lifetimes. When exactly the rapture takes place we will not know. My conviction, since I’ve never been shown a list proven from the Scriptures of what must take place, is that we have been living in the era of the Last Days since our Lord ascended and He has been able to return at any time since. He waits only for the command of the Father. This is no excuse that I am making for fatalism but for hope in our redemption drawing nigh and a passion of making disciples, sharing in the sufferings of Christ while we wait. We live standing for truth in society but knowing that ultimately, whatever reprieve we may enjoy of blessing, that this world will turn anti-Christian and antichrist, to be ended only by His occupation of the Throne

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