He appointed twelve that they might be with Him and to send them out… Mark 3:14

“This little phrase is so subtle that we almost miss it. But we can’t. It was the key to their success. Before they were to work for Jesus they had to spend time with Jesus. So for three years they followed Him. They listened. They learned. They asked dumb questions. Jesus gave them answers that left them scratching their heads. They stepped out on water. They sank like a rock. They marveled at His miracles. They were shamed by His compassion. They learned that greatness was serving and that people who push their way to the front get put at the back.

“He taught them to pray. He taught them to forgive. He taught them how to live like men of God. he showed them how to die. He proved to them that God was greater even than the grave. After spending that kind of time with Jesus they were now ready to take on the world for Jesus!

“The same is true for us. Do you really want to do something amazing for Jesus? Do you want to be a force for God where you work, where you live, or where you go to school? Do you want God to empower you as a teacher, a leader, or a worker in His kingdom? Do you want to live a life that will truly be memorable? Do you ant to leave a legacy one day? The key is probably not in working harder or longer. The key may be in what you do before you actually do anything.” – Steve Chiles

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