Recently I heard a statement of application about the parable of the sower that I’d like to share. The seed, in the parable, — much is ‘wasted’ on those who won’t listen.

That is a true summary of the parable if you know it. Much of the soil was not good and did not produce. You and I do not know who or when an individual is good soil for the Word (and if we think they’re good soil, we may be flat out wrong). But what we are called to is not efficiency, effectiveness, or eloquence. We are called to faithfully sow the seed, the Word of God. Keep casting it out!

You and I do not know who is prepared and ready for the seed, the Holy Spirit does. The path we are called to trod in evangelism and edification is wrought with the majority of our efforts seeming “wasted.” But the Lord Christ knows the true fruit and He keeps the records and the rewards. We are not called to.

Don’t be discouraged if obeying the Lord seems ‘wasted’ effort in the moment.

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