Fight Your Fears: Trusting God’s Character and Promises When You Are Afraid

I appreciate Kristen Wetherell’s focus on theology and rejection of the superhuman, fearless goal for fear of the One you should fear. And as you fear God aright, other fears are confronted and fall in place. It is a lifelong battle but the Believer’s fear of God does not lead to terror and hiding but awe and embrace, strengthening and courage. Even when limping, we are safe in Him.

In the opening pages of the book she says,

“What if I told you that your problem with fear isn’t that you are too afraid but that you aren’t afraid enough? And what if I told you that your goal isn’t to become fearless?….I’m not coming from a place having totally figured this out and wanting to impart my secrets to you here, but as a fellow Christian who is fighting…we cannot deal with fear simply by choosing fearlessness. Often, we look within ourselves for strength and bravery (or we look to self-help experts, who tell us to look within ourselves). But the trouble with this is that we are the problem. Looking within ourselves for a solution to fear is like a drowning swimmer trying to scrounge up more energy when what they need is rescue. Self-help is a powerless method of dealing with fear. Second, our ultimate goal in fighting fear is not to become fearless, but to know and love and fear the One who empowers us in the fight.” – pp.15-16

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