So to Beth Moore and the others saying that complementarianism is a doctrine of man and not of God, I have two primary questions: 1) Go read the Bible again, gender roles have nothing to do with inequality as human beings, men and women are equal and complimentary design is God’s idea. 2) get a high school education or even a farm education, two perverted bulls or two perverted cows do not procreate. Even many plants are male and female. Men and women are biologically, chemically, chromosomal, relationally, emotionally, anatomically, mentally different. Those who have had reproductive surgery predominantly deeply regret it later and are more prone to mental illness and suicide. Some researchers even (correctly, I believe) classify gender confusion as a mental illness. Some may say, why are you saying these things? Just be tolerant. This is not a matter of preference or opinion but biblical truth and natural law. And my tone is not judgmental but measured and broken for those embracing a lie. If you feel angry at what I’m saying, I assure you that if we were meeting in person and having a conversation, you’d hear my tone and concern.
Economically, politically and educationally we are in absolute disarray today. Entertainment will continue to popularize and frame these matters in a positive light and we will all grow somewhat more numb to the pervasiveness of these matters as time goes on, even knowing the truth.
To Believers and denominations embracing the destruction of gender roles but resisting homosexual behavior, history shows that if you demolish gender roles, in 10 or 20 years, that same denomination will be endorsing homosexual pastors. I only know of one denomination that is an exception to this, but while the denomination May ordain women as pastors, many of the pastors are against it and believe, as it is, that it is unbiblical.
So what do Believers do? WeContinue to preach the gospel. And stand up on biblical truth. We will continue to see broken marriages restored by the power of Jesus, we will continue to see those who are gender confused set free by the power of Jesus, we will continue to see the lies and purposelessness of Satan brought to nothing by thr truth of God’s Word. Keep your eyes open and rejoice thankfully For each individual and each family that the Lord is at work in

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