Are you marked? Don’t fit into this world? Discover how God marks His people of every race, language, culture and ethnicity through the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Hosted by Ryan Marks, the Marked People Podcast discusses the Christian life and delves into God’s Word together. Join us. And please leave an honest 5 star review of our podcast to help us reach more people with encouragement from God’s Word.

Episode 06 Preaching Discussion Marked People Podcast

Does preaching get easier with time? Will I ever get over the nervousness? How should I prepare? Ryan shares some practical and personal takeaways as he reflects back on 12 years of preaching — This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast.
  1. Episode 06 Preaching Discussion
  2. Episode 05 Unity through Conformity to Jesus Christ
  3. Episode 04 Depression and the Christian
  4. Episode 03 Good News for the Church
  5. Episode 02 Who Do You Serve?

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