I want to make a clarification. Yesterday I posted on social media a petition I signed against forced covid vaccination and why I in good conscience cannot take it. I was not saying you don’t have or shouldn’t have the freedom to. I also do not believe it is an issue of “Christian unity” to not be silent on the matter. I believe it is a Romans 14 issue, I do not look down on a fellow Believer who can take it in good conscience. I cannot and will not take it because there is clear evidence of aborted baby cells used in its production. Also, the debate to force it or require it to transact business or travel is an infringement upon personal rights. I am not against vaccines. I am not trying to stir trouble. My opinion may not be popular. You are free to choose. It’s the freedom to choose and follow the dictates of your own conscience under the authority of God that should be protected. And I won’t be divisive but I also won’t be quiet. Unity does not = shut up and get along. Unity will only come through conformity to Christ. True Christians will never be completely United with this world. Christians will never be known more for what they are for than what they are against. The world hates Jesus, and therefore all who desire to live godly lives will be persecuted. It is NOT Christian to twist the Bible to try to silence someone on a nonbiblical matter. And it is NOT Christian to be silent on matters of clear biblical truth like God-given gender, sexuality and murder of the unborn. On those issues there is no freedom to choose for we have the authoritative Word of God.

my original Facebook post was:

I signed for three reasons and will not take it:

  1. Aborted baby remains are used in the drug, therefore I cannot morally
  2. It is a violation of American rights to force vaccination
  3. A dangerous precedent is set if one cannot transact business or travel without paperwork proving it. This paves the way for a one world order in which governments dictate the choices of the people and I will not comply.


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