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Ok, so I know the title of this one may have intrigued and confused some of you. But it seemed kind of fitting. With all that is going on with COVID-19 right now, most of us are using internet livestreaming and technologies more than ever.

Now, let me clarify, I am not really suggesting that you rush out and buy an iPad if cannot afford it nor will really use it, a tablet is not for everyone but it is a helpful tool. Back in college I received a free iPad upon enrollment and well, I guess you can say I got hooked. I was studying mass communications in my undergrad and, well, to put it simply the iPad became a one-device, mass communications center.

With the iPad, I can listen to podcasts and sermons myself, access a huge library of worship music, manage email, build a digital library with Kindle, preach from it, use it in small gatherings to lead a time of praise and worship, take photos and videos of pretty good quality, record audio messages, and access my Bible study software just to name a few.

Now, I am cheap and simple, but these resources I have found incrediblely helpful and hope other ministers out there can be helped by them as well:

Tools for Pastors

iPad/iPhone – one stop mass communications tool. Now, I love Apple phones and the iPad because of there easy of use but ironically hate Mac computers. I’ve tried other tablet devices too, and yes some are a bit cheaper, but they have never had the user friendliness for me at leas. I am a PC Microsoft Windows guy and most of my sermon prep is done on my small Lenovo computer and then emailed over in a PDF to my iPad to preach from.

Digital Library – I utilize my Kindle app and use WORDsearch Bible software in preference to LOGOS. I know most guys love LOGOS but it’s pricy and I have found WORDsearch, while designed more for laypeople, to be simple to use and a resource that I can pass on to others easily as well. We pastors love books and a digital library will save you tons of money if you can get accustomed to reading on a screen. Literally, a digital commentary set may be 25% the cost or less than the print version and accessible to you anywhere.

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