Has God called you to do something? When God specifically lays something to do on your heart, He has revealed something that He has for you to do, don’t ignore it! God has put everyone, you and me, on this Earth—right now, in this century!—for a particular purpose. I am called to serve Him in one way and you perhaps in another; but God desires us both to yield to His will and be used for His glory, isn’t that amazing?!

Although our calling may seem to last a short while or a lifetime we are called to serve Him, dear Christian.

On My Calling:

I received my call to the ministry in an interesting way. It wasn’t flashy or really that funny, as other ministers’ callings that I have read or heard about. Nonetheless I heard the call, on my family’s way back from Thanksgiving in 2009. I remember the preceding week well, I had spent it reading a biography a day on an evangelist or minister. As I was reading about Luis Palau on the car ride home from Thanksgiving, I silently said something like this to God, “Wow! Lord, these men were used mightily by you. I mean these guys were like superheroes; I mean, I know they really weren’t, but the way that you worked through them was amazing. Lord, I wish I could do something like that, but . . . naw I’m not good enough for that. Well, I know that You’re capable but . . .” And God simply responded back “Why not?” At that moment the Holy Spirit gave me a knowing inside that I cannot describe. I just knew deep down that God was going to use me in ministry. I went home with this assurance and in the next few months I grew spiritually by leaps and bounds. During this time, God used a Royal Ranger merit requirement—reading the whole New Testament through—as a major part of that growth. HE also guided me to write a lot more during that season than I had previously done before.

What do you love to do? What are you passionate about? What do you believe God wants you to do? What are your talents? What’s your dream (I prefer the scriptural term vision, for without one the people perish)? These may all be indications of what your calling is.


As I have followed my Lord, He has opened doors for ministry. I do not work full-time in ministry yet and quite honestly don’t know if I ever will; but He has given me opportunities such as a few classes to teach and supervise, a Bible study to lead, and devotions to share (both weekly with a small flock of young men and for special events). You can do what He has for you! But I pray and bid you to remember HIM and not to follow your own wants and desires. Instead, let God give you His desires, His heart, as you daily follow Him. When you get that heart, enjoy the joy and compassion that the Lord gives you, they are blessings.

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