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Scripture Passage: Genesis 2:4-17

Observations on the Context:

The central point of this passage is God’s creation of humanity. We also see some details of the original creation that are quite different from the earth today. There was not rain (verse 6) a mist went watered the ground. This is likely because the water canopy around the earth we saw in Genesis 1 made rain unnecessary and kept the earth like Greenhouse with plenty of water vapor in the air from the waters below not to mention irrigation from springs, streams, rivers, and the sea.

God created man and created him different from the rest of His creation because God breathed into man the breath of life. God planted the Garden to be man’s home. God gave man the task of working the Garden. God provided ascetically appealing surroundings for man (pleasant to the eyes). God planted plants to provide food for man. God designed the garden to be well irrigated by four rivers which help us pinpoint the location where Eden once resided. We also see that around these rivers were resources such as gold and precious stones.

God not only gave man life; the very breath of God bestowing that life, but God gave man one command. Why did God give this command? Well man was and is not an animal. Man is not a mindless robot. Man has volition, He has the ability to choose to obey or disobey. Therefore, God’s one command not to eat of the tree sealed man’s freedom. Man was not a mindless animal, driven daily to merely exist, but a creation of God which was created in the very image of God and entrusted with the dominion of the entire earth.


Apply It:

Mankind is God’s prime creation and alone shares freely the fellowship of God. Eternally, God has placed His favor upon man, not the animals. God still entrusts man with the dominion of the earth; however, all men today are fallen and do not have the innocence of being without sin that Adam was created with. The clear application is an admonition to be faithful in our work and stewardship of the earth.


Pray It:

Father, You are my Creator, my Provider, my Source of very breath. I see that from these verses, Lord, yet I do not understand why in Your Sovereignty You choose to give me the ability to choose to obey You. Lord, I want to obey but I have not perfectly obeyed. I have broken Your Laws in selfish rebellion, I have sinned. Cleanse me, from my sin. O Lord, thanks be to You for sending Your Son Jesus to set me free and restore to me eternal life rather than abiding in eternal death!

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