agriculture backyard blur close up
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In Missouri where I live, the weather has been a rollercoaster this winter. In the same week it has been close to 60 and also -15! But today was a very blessed day. It has been cold the beginning of this week but today was above 60. I woke up to Saturday morning thunderstorms but by early afternoon, the sun was out and it was warm. It turned out to be the perfect opportunity to step away from house chores and teaching prep to prepare the soil for my garden. I have had a compost heap stewing since the summer and as I moved it to my new planting beds today, the lose soil, full of worms and rich compost was a blessing to look at. All that time and waiting. Even through this crazy winter, the compost has been “cooking” and will be rich fertilizer for new plants in a few months. Who would have thought a thunder storm in the middle of a winter Missouri Saturday would be such a blessing?

As I worked for that hour today prepping the soil, I thought of how God is at work in our lives throughout all seasons and that even the decaying aspects of life can be turned into the fertile starter soil for new life. God is always at work. Working in creation, with the soil, being in the woods and enjoying nature teaches me much about God. Scripture’s teachings come alive with a new understanding through the lenses of an agricultural perspective. I wonder how often the farmer involved in animal husbandry sees God’s truths as the good shepherd come to life. . . .

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