Scripture Passage: Genesis 1:11-31

Observations from the Context:

The phrase “according to their kind” is seen often. This does not necessarily refer to species alone, but definitely to the genus. For example, dogs, wolves, foxes can breed together to form a “new” dog but in reality, there is no new kind of animal while there is diversity in a certain kind of animal.

Evolution is clearly ruled out in these verses because God created creatures and vegetation as follows:

Trees and Plants that reproduces only after the kind (DNA) in their specific seeds. A grass seed will not yield a tree (scientists today are still in awe of the complexity of the seed and cannot fully explain it).

Water creatures and birds reproduced after their own kinds. There is no design within God’s creation for attempting to breed different kinds of animals together. Actually, God’s Law forbids it. The way God created animals, there will not be a cat-dog or a fish-bird, or a snake-frog.

Livestock, creeping things (this word encompasses dinosaurs, other reptiles, and insects) and beasts were all created on the dry ground. All these animals reproduce after their own kinds.

      God also creates the stars to serve as signs in His divine plan and to mark our seasons, time and years. Every part of God’s creation has a role to play.
Mankind is created to rule over the creation.

Notice verse 30, all of creation (including) man was vegetarian prior to Fall because there was no death. No carnivores until after the Fall.


God has given precise detail that morning and evening occurred each day of creation and that each creature and plant can only reproduce after their kinds. We either believe the Word of God (and science says the same thing, you can’t bread different kinds of animals together) or we reject God’s truth and embrace foolishness.

Mankind was created male and female, created in God’s image. Mankind is not a highly evolved form of animal. Nor are their lives equal to or below that of animals. Mankind was clearly created by God to rule over all of creation. Christians must stand on this truth today in a culture which values animal life far too often over human life. Further, human life has dignity for humans alone are created in God’s image. We are not animals.

The fact that all of creation was vegetarian is very important. Evolutionists have deceived a generation, really they have simply embraced folly that animals had to slowly morph and change into what we have today and that change is the result of trillions of deaths of the more “fit” over the weak. Every creature has a place in God’s plan. Death entered the world ONLY because of the Fall of mankind. And when mankind fell, all of creation (their domain) and all of their progeny were effected.

Pray it:
Father, help me to stay away from folly and to confidently stand on the truth. I do not want error, nor the praise of man. I want the truth whether my flesh likes it or not. Father, open my eyes and Believers around me to the true nature of Evolution and it’s deception. Father, children are being deceived, human life is degraded, the creature rather than the Creator is worshiped around me. But You are the Living and One true God. O Father, thank You for Your beautiful creation which even in its fallen state gives glory to You. And O Father, how I long for the day when You will right all our wrong and finally redeem all of creation and unite Heaven and Earth as one in Your eternal Kingdom of Heaven!

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