Scripture Passage: Genesis 1:1-2

Observations of the Context:

The beginning of time was when God created the heavens (space) and the earth. God Himself exists outside of time, but every human being has a beginning. While it is unfathomable to grasp, God had no beginning.

When God first created, the earth was formless and empty. There was no evolutionary process that was taking place. The earth was nothing. But God!

In verse, 3 we will see God speak and create. Here in the first three verses, we see God. The Trinitarian nature of God is seen right here. God (the Father) speaks the Word (Jesus) and His Spirit (Holy Spirit) hovers over the unformed waters of the earth.

Apply it to your Understanding and Life:

While it is hard to comprehend (probably impossible) that God had no beginning and literally created everything everywhere, Genesis is a book of the Bible that is absolutely essential. Truths that will become more clear in the New Testament like the Trinity are already established in the very beginning.

In addition, the Bible uncompromisingly states that God is the source of all life and all creation in the entire universe. In the beginning God didn’t just create life on earth, no the Bible says in verse 1 that God created the heavens (the celestial heavens, space, stars and planets) and the earth. The earth is God’s special planet. It alone is mentioned here by name for it would have God’s prime creation placed upon it, mankind.

Genesis is important. It covers approximately the first 3,000 years of history. It must be approached and accepted as fact by the Christian. We must carefully study what it says for Genesis is not unscientific or unhistorical. Everywhere the Bible speaks of such matters, it is accurate.

Pray It:

Lord, deepen my view of the wideness of Your Mercy and Power. You are the Sovereign, Creator and Lord of All. You are the Sustainer of all Life and the author of the universe. Let me not be sidetracked by the wicked who try to explain away that You are not the Creator, Authority and Judge. You sustain all life. All breath comes from You. What rebellion to shake our fist at You and deny Your existence, or Your truth that You have clearly given us in Genesis. Lord, show us as we study Genesis how essential every verse of Your Truth is. Genesis is not an optional book for any Christian to pick and choose what they want to believe in it. Help us to dig in and believe Your Word, not avoid and concoct our own lies. In the name of Jesus I ask this. Amen.


-Throwback blog, using the SOAP Bible study method, a post for the Gen1toRev22 Prjct, Genesis 1:1-2


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