The Bible has one message throughout it all: Place your Faith in the Messiah.

For 2500 years prior to the Law (Creation was about 4000 BC to the Exodus which was 1500ish BC), people came to God looking forward to the coming Messiah by Faith.
For the 1500 years that the Law ruled (the Exodus to Christ’s crucifixion in AD 30 or 33), the Jews looked for the Messiah and the Prophets constantly told the people to place their faith in the Coming Messiah.
For the 2000 years since Jesus the Messiah came, we still gain access to a relationship with God through Jesus Christ alone.

It has been about faith in Christ alone for all of human history (Rom 3-8)

Have you surrendered to Jesus as the only one who can be your Savior and truly made Him Lord of your Life? (If you have said a prayer and just done so to go to heaven, you are missing what Biblical salvation is. Salvation is trusting Jesus alone to forgive you from your sins. And when Jesus forgives you, it is no longer you that live, but Christ who lives in you!

Have you asked for insurance from Hell’s fire or have you surrendered to Jesus Christ and trusted Him alone to save you?

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