How can a DVD collection be minimized and more sustainable? Just the mere amount of space that such a collection takes up can be a big eyesore in your living area. One simple way for those trying to be more minimalistic and environmentally conscious is to recycle the cases and keep the disks. While going completely digital on the cloud and streaming is an option and albeit, attractive, you don’t have to sacrifice your movie collection to be “greener.”

            What I did is recycle the plastic cases and paper inserts, while peeling off the plastic film cover and throwing it away. I then stacked the disks like we did with old computer CD-ROM software back in the day. I have found that buying DVD and digital copies of movies are one way to save as you purchase movies, in addition to buying the movies from Redbox. You can get movies that were released a few months back for under $10. I have gotten several! It is also an area where I have saved on video games for my PS4. Some gas stations even have previously viewed, discount DVD/Blu-ray racks. Amazon and Ebay have great deals on pre-owned discs. Getting an antenna even pays off big these days. Being in the greater Saint Louis area, I get nearly 30 channels for free.

            So there are some ramblings on being more sustainable with your entertainment collection and additions. Plus, enjoy the exercise of “flipping through” your collection when looking for one to watch.

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